Customerโ€™s View

I enjoyed dealing with experienced bankers who did what they could to try to find a way to make my loan work. They do not drag out an answer. Very professional and a good bank to work with you for your business!

- R. Birch

Do not hesitate to choose Community First Bank of Indiana. Their rates are competitive, the business perspective is better than your big box banks, and their people treat you like a customer and friend - not just an account number.

- Jason L.

If you choose Community First Bank of Indiana, you'll get great service, fair pricing, and comprehensive underwriting of your funding requests. It may not always be the answer you want to hear, but they make good loans to good people/organizations. They are a great local bank for Hamilton County.

- David A.

Community First does not try to be everything to everyone. Therefore, if they fit what you need then you should look no further. There are others out there that may have different products to offer that are more suited to different types of clients, but what Community First is able to do is take a team-oriented approach to reaching solutions to your banking needs. This is what is important to me. I hold them in the highest regard!

- Desmond M.

Community First Bank of Indiana is a great bank with friendly staff, who are easy to deal with. They are a positive influence within our community, as well as treat customers of their bank like friends/family when you walk in.

- Jeremy R.

Caring and friendly. I like when I walk into a business and they know me by name and I am treated as a friend.

- Mark J.

Community First Bank employees demonstrate commitment to improving the communities they serve every day, through their actions both on and off the job. Not only do they generously provide gifts to the children in Healthy Families every year at Christmas, they are dynamic board and committee members that participate in countless projects at our agency. We feel fortunate at Family Service Association to count Community First Bank as a community partner and friend.

- Tracy M.