Student Loans

Make going off to college a little easier and more affordable with a private student loan.

After other aid types are considered, a private student loan may be part of the plan when it comes to paying for college. 

Exploring available options is very important and identifying which loan is the best may take a little time, but the benefit may be saving thousands of dollars.  At Community First Bank of Indiana, we partner with INvestEd, who has been serving students attending Indiana colleges and universities for over 40 years.  INvestEd helps Hoosiers going to college out of state as well.  They work to educate families on how to cover their college costs wisely and to minimize debt. 

INvestEd offers competitive interest rates and a variety of terms.  

Student Loan Refinancing

Need help with existing college debt? Refinancing may lead to a lower interest rate, lower monthly payment, or both.

Those with student loan debt can reach their repayment goals with several student loan refinancing options. Community First Bank of Indiana partners with INvestEd to help our customers achieve a manageable repayment plan that fits their life and budget. INvestEd has been serving Hoosiers for over 40 years by educating families on the best options when looking to refinance private student loans. 

The experts at INvestEd will review your student loan debt, help you determine if refinancing is beneficial, and offer solutions that fit your needs. 

Have Questions Along the Way?

INvestEd is available to help you make the best decisions on the road to higher education. 


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