2022 Noblesville Teacher Grant Winner

Community First Bank has partnered with the Noblesville Schools Education Foundation to offer a teacher mini-grant for the 2022-23 school year. Each mini-grant provides a teacher with $500 for the classroom’s needs. The winner was presented with his awarded grant in November:

Rick Towle – Noblesville East Middle School

Team Building/Group Initiatives for East Time/”Miller Meeting”: “Funds will be used to purchase various materials (piping, rope, lumber, etc.) and/or commercially available items for use in our NEMS Advisory program, titled East Time/Miller Meetings. Materials will be used for small groups of students to work collaboratively to solve problems, communicate with others in the problem solving process, and ultimately build a more functional team of students (and adults!) within our school. Activities and the tools for them can be checked out from a central area based on individual small group needs. It is our hope to have multiple sets of many of these ‘games’ for use throughout the building. Activities include: Team Skis, Gutterball, Lava River, Team ‘Grab It’, etc.”

Noblesville Teacher Grant Winner, Rick Towle