Debit Card Bin Update

Important Note

Community First Bank will be reissuing debit cards and H.S.A. debit cards for expiring cards in the coming months.  Some of the replacement cards will have NEW numbers.  

Why? Nationwide, increasing demand for Bank Identification Numbers (BINs) across the electronic payment ecosystem has created the need for the extension of BINs from 6 digits to 8 digits. Mastercard now requires that all financial institutions begin to reissue or provide new debit cards with 8-digit BINs. If your expiring debit card or H.S.A. debit card is outside of this new range of numbers, your new debit card will have a new number. 


  • Your renewed debit card or H.S.A. debit card number may have changed and it will be sent in the mail to you.
  • If your debit card or H.S.A. debit card number changed, your prior PIN will no longer work and a new randomly generated PIN will be sent to you in a separate mailer that will arrive shortly after your new card. You can come into a branch or 24/7 ATM near you to create a custom PIN. See our Locations.
  • You will need to communicate your new card number and expiration date to any merchants or businesses that you have authorized to use your card for recurring payments or charges.

Please call us at (765) 236-0600 if you have any questions or need additional assistance with your debit card. Our support team’s hours of operation are Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. ET.

Thank you for trusting Community First Bank of Indiana with your financial needs. We recognize this industry change may cause some inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.