Google Play Updates Affecting Mobile Banking

7/30/21 9:48 AM ET

Android phones must be updated to Android 11 to continue using Mobile Banking.

Due to new Google Play Store requirements, Android phones on version 10 and lower can no longer access the Community First Bank Mobile Banking application.

What does this mean?

The Google Play App store is used by many vendors (Google, Samsung, Motorola, etc.) to deliver applications to devices. Starting in August 2021, Google is enforcing new API (Application Product Interface) requirements that mean app support must be confined to Android version 11 or higher.

How does this impact users?

If a user’s phone is unable to update to Android 11 and/or a third-party Mobile Banking application does not support Android upgrades, those users are unable to use the Android Mobile Banking application.

This also removes the ability for a customer to make mobile deposits.


Community First Bank valued customers can continue to access Internet Banking on their mobile device via their web browser at